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by | May 8, 2020 | Watercolor Paintings

It’s my belief that many artists including me like to express ourselves through art. I used to question myself “What does my art mean to other people out there?” and I always felt pressure to paint beautiful art for them. Recently I stopped questioning myself. and realized that I don’t have all the answers, nor do I need all the answers and that’s OK! I enjoy working to create my paintings and get excited when I see my finished work. This is the pay off and that is reason enough to paint. No need to worry about critics or naysayers. Questioning myself was my prison. Now there’s no need to avoid painting because of this worry. The uniqueness is in me and that is good enough. Just be me, enjoy painting and do it. I feel like am free!!

The reason I’m posting this is because today I was featured as an artist on Doodlewash.com, a community of artists focused around watercolor painting. I wanted to share how I feel delight after being featured.  Naturally, I am a shy person.  In the past I’ve never said much about how I feel about my own art. I only keep this inside, saved only for me. I used to think that only showing my work would say everything about me but I didn’t realize that there are many people out there are willing to listen to my words and my story along with seeing my paintings.

Thank you!

Thank you to Doodlewash and to everyone who time to read my story. I really wanted to say thank you and share how much I appreciate the opportunity to convey my feelings about my art and share a little bit about me to people in this community who are interested in the same thing. My reaction was, “Wow, more people like my watercolor paintings than I realized!” That is my treasured takeaway. I’ve always enjoyed reading stories and content about art from other artists and I never thought that others might feel the same way about myself and my work, but now is the right time. I like the feeling that we all support each other event we’ve never met in person. All the art out there comes from people from different places who are interesting and appreciate watercolor. I am grateful that I am blessed with the talent and opportunity to express myself with beautiful watercolor paintings.

I’m keeping up and appreciate the watercolor painting process and believe watercolor is my soul. I put everything about me into my art. Knowing that friends and supporters are looking forward to see my next steps fulfils my heart. Thank goodness for creative artist communities like Doodlewash.com. I broaden my experience from reading the topics and articles from them and I love the sense of community around my beloved art form.

Thank you all!

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