Watercolor Painting Galleries

These galleries show some examples of my watercolor paintings. I love to paint flowers and animals but I will paint anything that catches my eye or triggers my imagination!

Flower Paintings
Animal Paintings
Other Paintings

Animal Watercolor Painting Tutorial – Thrope

Watch gentleman dog Thrope come to life in my waterpainting tutorial! I talk about the paints, brushes and techniques I use to bring this pretty boy to life.

Flower Watercolor Painting Tutorial – Orange Anemone

I chose the anemone for this tutorial because I simply love this flower.  I put positive thought and energy into my process and the result is totally enjoyable to me.  I found this painting to be very therapeutic for me.  I hope you enjoy it! In this tutorial I...

I’ve been Doodlewashed!

Today I was featured as a watercolor artist on Doodlewash.com and I wanted to share my feelings!

Flower Watercolor Painting Tutorial – Anemone

Follow along as I show you how I use watercolors to paint an Anemone flower! I picked the Anemone because it is a good beginner flower to sketch and paint. I hope to share my love for painting and demonstrate that watercolor painting can be fun!

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