About Tanasirin Witchayacoop

My Story

I am Tanasirin Witchayacoop. I am a watercolor artist originally from Thailand.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. Watercolor painting is my Ikigai. Early in life I experienced encouragement and passion in art from my father and aunt. My dad was my first art teacher and my aunt always drew beautiful flowers with ladies for me whenever I had a hard time working on my homework. Her drawings calmed me down, reduced my stress and put a smile back on my face. It is this positive reinforcement that helped me learn to use art as an effective creative outlet. 

My Inspirations

Flowers and animals are my inspiration but I enjoy so much more about watercolor painting than the end product. I also enjoy being around children and sharing my love for art with them.  I believe their creative expression is a form of pure art. I enjoy the atmosphere of doing watercolor, mixing paints, color on the palette, brushes, watercolor paper texture and natural light shining right on my art table. Please enjoy my site as I hope to share more about my paintings and my process. Thank you!

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